Fund High-Speed Rail

Tell Congress: Fund High-Speed Rail for a cleaner future

Funding a high-speed rail network would create millions of union jobs, help decarbonize the transportation sector, connect more communities, and create new housing and economic opportunities. But the federal government spends at least three times as much on roads than transit and rail combined each year.

Call your representatives now and urge them to support increased high-speed rail funding in our upcoming infrastructure package.

Call Script: Key Points to Make on Your Call

Hi, my name is {{NAME}}, and I live in {{LOCATION}}. I’m asking you to make sure that we include funding for high-speed rail in the upcoming infrastructure package.

High-speed rail funding not only will create millions of good jobs and boost local economies as we reopen after the pandemic — it will also combat climate change by shifting millions of trips into an electrically powered mode of transport.

High-speed rail also connects communities, while highways have a history of dividing us and harming our populations of color.

Lastly, land use is much more efficient for high-speed rail. For example, California’s HSR system, when built between LA and SF, will provide the capacity of 6 highway lanes, 91 airport gates and 2 runways.

Will you commit to passing a federal infrastructure bill that increases funding for high-speed rail?

[We encourage you to adapt this message and make it your own. Speaking from personal experience is the most impactful!]

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  • High-speed rail will create millions of union jobs and boost regional economies.

    Building a high-speed rail would create more jobs per billion dollars invested than highway projects. And it’s cost-effective; The Cascadia project in the Pacific Northwest (Portland-Seattle-Vancouver) is expected to cost less than half the amount of a lane of highway in each direction — and a study projects it will add $355 billion in regional economic growth, for a 10:1 return-on-investment.

    High-speed rail will connect communities historically left behind.

    Unlike highway construction which has historically displaced entire neighborhoods, most often communities of color, high-speed rail actually connects communities, cuts traffic, makes downtowns more walkable and creates new housing and economic opportunities. A study found China’s high-speed rail system reduced regional disparities by an average of 25 percent.

    High-speed rail will help decarbonize the transportation sector.

    Transportation is the leading driver of carbon emissions in the U.S. A high-speed rail network will shift millions of trips into an electrically powered mode of transport while reducing demand for transportation options that rely on fossil fuels.